Friday 21 December 2012

Christmas celebrations with the primary schools

We were all so blessed with the Christmas Celebrations with Port Ellen and Bowmore Primary Schools this year. Here are some comments from some of the children from Port Ellen Primary School:
On Wednesday 19th December 2012 there was a Nativity at Port Ellen Primary School. Primary 1/2 did the nativity with nursery, we thought it was very good they remembered all their lines. They were clear and they enjoyed doing the play, they liked singing the songs and the audience laughed, we really enjoyed it. It was really good Taylor was Joseph and Sarah was Mary and it was also known as the the lucky owl and Rebecca was the Owl.  By Alicia

On Wednesday 19th December Port Ellen Primary held a carols by candle light, at Port Ellen Primary for the run up to Christmas.   There were piano players, a poem recital by Primary 6&7 of Talking Turkeys, the Port Ellen Primary band and lots of readings.   We had a selection of Christmas carols and songs, Mr Barlow and Mr Macnulty, accompanied us with a few prayers. Mrs Campbell, played for us, as well as David Baker, Asher Borthwick and Maisie Logan!   We had lots of musical duets and trios, as well as a solo, on clarinet, flute and lots more.  After our carol service there were, mince pies, shortbread, tea and juice.   Everyone enjoyed it, and overall it was a really good night!  By Maisie

Today there was a church service at St Johns.  We sang lots of songs and Mr Barlow and Mr MacNulty told us the story of Jesus.  With the collection and the nativity and Carols collection we raised £138.77 for Barnardos.  Thanks to everyone. Merry Christmas.  by Helen.

Monday 19 November 2012

Friday 2 November 2012

Updated Preaching Diaries for the Autumn term

Please note a few changes to the Autumn Preaching Diaries

Service of Introduction

The Officiators for the "Service of Introduction" on 26 September for Rob as minister on Jura.