Friday 6 April 2012

Rainy Good Friday

Despite the rain, over 25 of us gathered in the Round Church for the Good Friday procession with the cross down to the square in Bowmore. People from all denominations came along and although we'd planned keyboards/guitars/trumpet/amplifiers and a great blast of a service, we opted instead for plan B which was planting the cross symbolically in the middle of Islay (the map of Islay in the middle of the square) since all of us share a concern for the whole of the island and it's inhabitants, once through Graham kendrick's "Make Way", a wee word of prayer and then off for tea and cookies at the Baptist Church. We plan many more open air events this year as our confidence is growing... So watch out for publicity for the next one and then you can come and hear more of what we had planned to say today!! Becky - thanks for the photo, you're a star!

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