Saturday 5 May 2012

Dr John Blanchard is coming to Islay in June

Out of the blue, at the beginning of the year I had an email from John Blanchard saying that he had read my blog and decided to contact me...  Who is John Blanchard some may ask??...  well a quick summary;
"Dr. John Blanchard is an internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author. He has written 30 books, including two of Britain's most widely used evangelistic presentations, Right With God and the booklet Ultimate Questions. The latter has over fourteen million copies in print in about 60 languages. His major book Does God believe in Atheists?, published in 2000, was voted 'Best Christian Book' in the 2001 UK Christian Book Awards, and immediately became a best-seller, described as 'a brilliant defense of belief in God'."
What John did not know was just how encouraging it was to get his email at that particular time. A few individuals had made our time on Islay very unpleasant and we (my wife and I) were asking the question "Why should we stay and put up with this vitriolioc nonsense?". John's email reminded us why we had come here... to bring the Gospel fresh to a new generation and we were greatly encouraged.
John will be here from the afternoon of June 8th to the morning of June 11th. On Sunday 10th June he will preach at the Round Church Bowmore at 10am, St Johns Church Port Ellen at 11.30am, and then at the Baptist Church in Bowmore at 6.30pm. Do come along to one of these services because I am sure you will be challenged and encouraged... bring a friend too.. :)
He will be staying here at the Manse with a film crew that are with him. Their 'side' mission is to record some film of John on Islay as he recounts his time as a young boy when he came here as a war time evacuee. He has great memories of those times and developed a real passion for Islay. We are hoping he will be at the beach rugby on saturday 9th June at Port Ellen, so why not come along and have a chat with him. His story is not just a good story but a God story  :)

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